Mauriden Jewelry is our in-house manufacturing. We endeavor to provide the latest styles as well as an exciting range of basics-the classic rings, earrings and pendants. Our own manufacturing from diamonds carefully selected for cut allows ADAMAS Ltd to have a range of jewelry 30% below normal market prices.


Mauriden Ltd is the sister company of Adamas Ltd.  It was founded in the 1983’s by Stephen P. Denton for diamond & jewelry manufacturing after the takeover of L.S.P (the diamond cutting works factory)  in the 1980’s by Albert Goldstein.



A large variety of the latest trendy styles plus an exciting range of basics are being proposed every 2 weeks to meet up the market new styles.  Diamonds are carefully selected from its own manufacturing to allow Adamas Ltd to have a range of jewelry up to 30% below normal market price.


Mauriden has a largest selection of loose diamonds certified by international labs: EGL, IGI, GIA & HRD from 0.10 carats to 4 carats & from “D flawless” to “J-13” in different shapes stocked: Princess, Asscher, Oval, Emerald, Round, Heart, Marquise, Triangle, Pear, Radiant. Also available: Loose Tanzanite, semi-precious stones and fancy coloured diamonds (Yellow, Cognac, Pink, Black) & Gold, Silver or Platinum jewelry collections.

Over the years, Mauriden has not only seen newly engaged/wedded couples but also returning couples coming to celebrate year after year with a special piece of jewelry to commemorate their love. Reminding us how special and magical jewelry can be.

Mauriden also provide “made to measure”  &  customized jewelry services to customers upon request  whereby  customers can work directly with the in-house specialized jewelers regarding the jewelry designs, the cut, the carat, the colour & the clarity of diamonds and as well as the metal to be used.  Delivery is between 48 to 72 hrs depending customers choices.




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