In the 30 years since our founding, Adamas and its dedicated team have accumulated a vast array of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the jewelry and precious stone trade, and during the most recent decade, we have added the world of fine watchmaking to our portfolio of expertise.



    We have an extremely strong background in diamonds, with the founders of the company tracing their roots back in the diamond trade to the 19th century in Belgium, and this innate expertise passed through the generations has been infused into all aspects of the operations of the company, and ingrained into the sales team, manufacturing, and administration staff, among whom we count many who started in the diamond cutting operations and distribution activities of our sister company Mauriden ltd, and who brought with them this knowledge, and shared it among our entire team.

    This expertise in diamonds allows us to ensure that any diamonds our customers view are of only the finest manufactured quality, and regardless of the eventual color, purity, cut, or carat chosen, our  customers view are of only the finest manufactured quality, and regardless of the eventual color, purity, cut, or carat chosen, our customers can rest assured that they are getting a finely manufactured diamond, that is true to its stated characteristics, and is true testament to our history and experience in the diamond trade.


    Adamas has the largest selection of loose diamonds in the Indian Ocean from 0.10 carat to 4 carats and from ‘D flawless’ to ‘J I3’ in different cuts and sizes. Some cuts that are available are Princess, Cushion, Oval, Emerald, Round, Heart, Marquise, Triangle, Pear, Radiant.


    Larger diamond sizes (greater than 4ct) are also available upon request, in addition to special diamond shapes or cut requests. We have accumulated a large collection of fancy colour diamonds over the years, and regularly have in stock Yellow, Cognac, and Black diamonds, and any other fancy diamond colors can be sourced on request.


    All diamonds sold, whether as loose stones, or in jewelry, come with our own guarantee certifying their characteristics, and in addition to this an Adamas certificate, all of our larger diamonds, and most others, also come with internationally recognized Gemological laboratory certificates (GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL) that provide an additional confirmation of the stated diamond characteristics.


    Adamas has also diversified from its original roots in diamonds, to being accomplished in the gem-stone and pearl trade, we have been adding over the last 25 years a large variety of semi-precious and precious stone jewelry, set on gold or silver, and we carry items set with nearly any semi-precious stone or precious stone you can imagine, from Citrine, Amethyst, Tourmaline, or Topaz stones, to Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Tanzanite stones.  Loose Tanzanite stones certified by international Gemological laboratories are also available.



    Adamas has been involved with pearls from our beginnings, and we have a full range of Fresh Water pearls, Akoya Japanese cultured pearl, and South Sea cultured pearl items always available in classic strands, bracelets, studs and other items, as well as a large variety of fashion & designer pieces, with most pearls set on gold, but also available on silver. Multi-colour South Sea and Fresh Water pearls are available, in addition to our very large selection of Tahitian black pearl jewelry and strands, with all pearls available being of only the finest quality, and sourced from the best suppliers throughout the world over.


    Since the inception of Adamas, we have been able to offer through our sister company Mauriden Ltd. an entire manufacturing section dedicated to bespoke or custom made jewelry, where the customer can give us their design, or work with one of our jewelers to make a design together, and we can use either gold or platinum to create the design, and provide any stone to be set into the design that the customer wishes, whether it is a Sapphire, Diamond, Tanzanite, or any other precious stone or Pearl, as well as be  being able to offer custom-made pearl strands.  In addition to the stones and pearls we have in stock, through our international network of associates from the jewelry, diamond, pearls, and gem-stone trade, with relationships going back for most of our history, we are able to source any possible stone that our clients would like, while always ensuring it will be the best possible quality for a fair price, and with any request being completely customizable to the client’s wishes and budget.

    "Manufactured with custom or bespoke jewelry design that is made to measure"

    Additionally, this ‘in-house’ manufacturing expertise allows Adamas to ensure that we can fulfill the role of a ‘manufacturing jeweler’, as our sister company is the exclusive dedicated manufacturer for the majority of the jewelry in our stock, allowing us to control the quality and design completely ‘in-house’, with a guarantee of quality and rapid after-sales service for our customers, in addition to being able to provide value for our customers at retail by eliminating third-parties from the sourcing and manufacturing process.


    This ‘manufacturing jeweler’ status allows us to ensure that our in-house manufactured designer jewelry collections can keep-up with the worldwide trends of the world’s most famous European, US, and Asian jewelers, with all items being manufactured here in Mauritius, but to the standards of quality and design used by the famous international jewelers that inspired the designs. We are constantly updating our designer collections, with new models being introduced every few months as trends evolve, so you can be assured to find the latest international trends in our collections, in addition to our own unique in-house designs, with most in-house designed, or international design inspired items manufactured in very limited quantities of only a few items per model, ensuring exclusivity for our customers.


    Over the years, many international brands have recognized the quality and professionalism of Adamas, and so exclusive partnerships have formed allowing us to offer these prestigious brands to our customers, in addition to our own vast and diverse jewelry collections.


    Any jewelry brands that we work with operate at, and are held to the same high standards that we insist upon for our products and services, and we are honored to have been chosen to represent such international jewelry brands as Louis Glick, William Goldberg, Kwiat, Leo Schachter, Michael Werdiger, Luca Carati, Giorgio Visconti, Bellari, Mastoloni, Ronco, Albanu, Edward Mirell, Officina Bernardi, Calvin Klein and Mont Blanc.

    Adamas diversified into representing watches within the first decade of operations, but it is during the past 5 years that we have applied the same quality, service and professionalism at retail that we are renowned for in our jewelry to the arena of fine watchmaking. We offer a large variety of watch brands, across many segments of the industry, selected to be complementary to each other in the diversity of offerings they provide our customers within our shops, in addition to their quality and design principles.


    Dedicated retail space and training has been provided to ensure that we are able to offer the appropriate service and advice to all customers who want to discover the joy, prestige and heritage of our Haute Horlorgerie brands, which include Girard Perregaux, Franck Muller, Panerai, and Ulysse Nardin.


    These Haute Horlorgerie brands are complemented by other prestigious Swiss brands such as Mont Blanc, Maurice Lacroix, Oris, and Movado that allow customers to discover the pride that comes with owning a fine Swiss-made timepiece.


    We also have been entrusted to offer the full range of Mont Blanc products in all of our retail outlets through dedicated retail spaces, where customers can discover with the guidance of our dedicated sales team the full range of quality products that the brand offers, from small leather goods and belts, to briefcases and hand-bags, cufflinks and jewelry, and of course their world famous writing instruments.


    In the spirit of having the most diverse offerings within our region across all product lines, as well as allowing some of the designer trend spirit from our jewelry to infuse into our timepiece selection, we also have a diverse range of fashion watches from international designer houses such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, and Guess to name a few.


    Our customer service has evolved since our inception to accommodate the wide variety of products and the diverse customer base we have developed over the past 30 years. In addition to our sales team having a specialized background and training in diamonds, they are well equipped to guide all customers through the myriad of designs and offerings across all of our product categories, and demonstrate the latest trends in jewelry design, and the variety, heritage, and complications of the various watch brands represented. Specialized training has been given for specific product categories to ensure that all customers receive the best advice and informed dedicated service as possible.

    We are also happy to offer sales assistance in multiple languages, all our sales team are bilingual, with English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and German some of the languages Italian, Spanish, Russian and German some of the languages available. ‘Made to measure’ jewelry services are available, as well as a full complement of after sales service options for any items sold, with all customer service being provided with the world renowned Mauritian hospitality and smile.


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